Vision Statement

The Central objective of this ministry is to build people of Purpose, Prayer, Power and Praise. We are committed to doing Bible things, the Bible Way. God's Word is the basis for everything we do and why everyone is treated with respect and integrity. 

We implement Application Oriented Teaching: Breaking God's Word down into bite sized pieces in a manner that children and adults can comprehend, so it can be digested and become a part of our daily living.  We have an assignment and a mandate from God to "Win The Lost, At Any Cost." Through an example of excellent of ministry, this church will inspire and encourage others to achieve excellence in every area of their lives, ministry, and careers.

A vision was given to Stokesdale COG through our pastor to go beyond the four walls of the church: to reach out to those who are in prison, the homeless, those who face addictions in their life; to go into the hedges and by-ways and compel men to come to JESUS. This ministry is commited to ministering to the youth in our schools and community.  We are committed to reaching the lost and hurting with the message of faith and the loving touch of God to help men, women, boys and girls overcome the challenges in life.  Stokesdale COG is called to be "Salt and light" in the world. It is the goal of this body to intentionally develop relationships with spiritually lost people which enables us to have a relational platform to share the Gospel with them. We will provide "Harvest Events" for our people to invite their spiritually lost friends to hear the gospel presented in an understandable way and have an opportunity to respond.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower people with the Word of God, equipping them to reach back and bring someone else into the kingdom of God. We are committed to loving, caring, sharing, strengthening families, exalting the Lord, encouraging believers and evangelizing the Triad area. 

  Pastor James Jackson