​We are a family outreach center. We believe family is a ministry in and of itself. Our goal is to strengthen families, and unite families under the teachings of faith and empower, allowing families to flow together in the purposes that God directs. When you have strong families, you have strong communities, strong churches and ultimately a stronger nation.

The vision for our church includes the building of educational facilities for our youth. This includes a daycare and K-12 school that will focus on the development of the complete child; mind, body, and spirit as well as their life purpose and development. Our vision also includes the establishment of a rehabilitation and re-entry program for men and women who have faced drug abuse and incarceration. The ultimate goal is to prepare these people for their re-entry to society and send them back home to their families healed and whole, ready to take their place within the family unit. We also endeavor to extend our ministry through television, radio, and social media broadcasts. Currently, we effectively minister in the local prisons, school programs, local homeless and recovery shelters, and our own church food bank.  

Are you searching for a church home? If so, as you are prayerful about where God is leading you to worship within a local congregation, feel free to request a time to sit with the pastor to discuss where and how God is leading you.

Because we are  One People  with  One Mind  ​and  One Language  There's NOTHING we can't do !

Genesis 11:6